Road Closures

Traffic Advisory

As this year’s event is proceeding as a Virtual Race, temporary road detours and traffic control measures are paused. The annual First Half traditionally occurs on the first or second Sunday of February 7, between 8:30am and Noon. The area around the Roundhouse Community Centre and David Lam Park is traditionally a hub of activity during this time. Residents are encouraged to please plan ahead and be aware of the road closures and temporary parking restrictions noted below. Vancouver Police and course marshals will be on hand to control traffic at all intersections on the race route for the duration of the event. Residents may experience brief delays as runners pass. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Roads Typically Impacted

On race day, temporary road closures and parking restrictions begin at 5:30am as noted below:

Pacific Blvd: Westbound traffic open*. Pacific Blvd Eastbound Roads open only until Seymour then closed 5:30am-12pm. *Parking Restrictions will begin at 5:30am on Pacific Blvd, south side Eastbound lanes, from Granville to Abbott.

Beach Ave: Westbound traffic open*. Beach Ave Eastbound Roads Closed, Granville to Thurlow 8:30am-12pm. Intermittent access to Aquatic Centre maintained with VPD assistance. Buildings that exit directly onto Beach or the eastside of Pacific Blvd will be equipped with Vancouver Police who will ensure safe entrance or exit from the building at the earliest safe opportunity. *Parking Restrictions begin at 5:30am on Beach Ave, both sides, from Granville to Howe.

Davie and Nelson St: Residents will have unrestricted vehicle access in and out of the area after approximately 9am via Davie and Nelson Streets. From 8:15am-9am access and egress to 100 Drake, 100 Davie and 1000 – 1100 Marinaside will be via Nelson St, with assistance of Vancouver Police. Parking Restrictions begin at 5:30am on Davie St, west side, south of Pacific Blvd and on Nelson St, both sides, from Expo Blvd to Pacific Blvd.

Drake St: Road Closed, Pacific to Marinaside 5:30am-12pm. Parking Restrictions begin at 5:30am on Drake St, both sides, from
Pacific Blvd to Marinaside Dr.

Smithe St: Roads Closed, Pacific Blvd to Beatty 8:15am-9am. Parking Restrictions begin at 5:30am on race day.

Expo Blvd: Road Closed, Abbott to Cambie 8:20am-9am. Parking Restrictions begin at 5:30am on race day.

Cambie Bridge Northbound: Northbound traffic will be diverted before the Cambie Bridge entrance from 8am-9am. Southbound bridge traffic will remain open as per normal.

Granville and Howe St: Road Closed, Pacific Blvd to Beach Ave 8:30am-12pm. Intermittent traffic control crossing with Vancouver Police. Parking Restrictions begin at 5:30am on Granville and Howe St, both sides, from Pacific Blvd to Beach Ave.

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