Important Notices

Hey everybody,

It looks like the weather should hold for us, we are into the counting down by hours and there are a few important things to remember for tomorrow.

  1. Packet Pick up is today at Forerunners on 4th Ave & Collingwood between 10 am – 4 pm. Packet pickup on race morning is limited and lines can be long. Avoid messing with your preparation time and pick up today.
  2. Bag Check opens at 7 am. Make sure you have everything you need with you and check your bag early. Lines get long around 7:45 am and again you don’t want to be wasting your time doing that. Remember to have your luggage label from your bib with you and attached to your bag clearly if possible.
  3. Race Start is at 8:30 am sharp! Parking is in short supply around the Roundhouse and in Yaletown and road closures make this worse. Please plan accordingly with public transit and carpooling.
  4. No littering on the course is allowed. You can drop gel packets, cups etc. within the bounds of the aid stations but if you take it beyond that, take it to the next station. Any one spotted littering on the course will risk being DQ’d.
  5. Post race food is for everyone, please don’t shop for the week 🙂 Our food & Drink Partners are very generous with what they give us but there is a finite amount. Please think of the runners coming in after you. Any food left at the end of the day goes to Covenant House.
  6. There are rooms to change in at the Roundhouse next to the gym. Please try to not clog the washroom lines by changing in the stalls.
  7. Our volunteers are amazing, so don’t be shy in thanking one.

We have a great day planned so most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!

Thank you