Celebrate the 30th annual First Half on February 10, 2019. Join in! RUNVAN®

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2019 Registration is open!

Limited spots remain. Celebrate the 30th annual ‘First Half’ this February 2019! The ‘First Half’ concept started in 1988 when...

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Results will be available live at Startline Timing

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Our late registration system is open until 3 pm on February 10th or until the race sells out. Check our registration page for more...

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Our transfer system is now open until 3 pm on February 10th. Use the transfer link in your “final details” email. Check our...

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3:00 pm
Race Kit Pick-Up
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10:00 am
Race Kit Pick-Up
By Forerunners details
8:00 am
Corrals Open
By Roundhouse details
8:30 am
By RUNVAN® details
11:30 am
By Roundhouse details
6:00 am - 8:30 am
Volunteer Check-In
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Variety – The Childrens Charity
Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre
BC Athletics

A Community Event!

This is a race for runners by runners!

The Pacific Road Runners are extremely organized and make sure that all details are taken care of. It is a perfect course for running fast times. This race is at sea level, mainly flat, and has no major turns which is advantageous for distance runners. Their communication, venue, set-up for runners awards, and post-race food is all excellent.

Lisa Harvey, Athlete

...this event is one of the most well organized, and professionally run races that I have participated in. The race experience its self is top notch. Of all the races in Vancouver, this is one of the most highly anticipated events. It sells out every year and the crowd support and community involvement is excellent. There is an awesome energy and positive vibe that surrounds this race.

Rob Watson, Canadian Marathoner

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1288 Vernon Dr, Vancouver

BC, Canada, V6A 4C9

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