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Miscellaneous Questions

Why is there a 2,000 runner limit?

Principally the limit is set for safety reasons. Much of the race is on the Seawall, which is also open to the public. Consequently the City and Parks Board have set a limit of 2000 runners.

Increasing the number of runners would necessitate significant changes to the route, the venue and the organization. These are things that we feel would change both the character and the quality of the event.

When do I need to enter by to be guaranteed an entry?

The sooner the better. Once the 2,000 runner limit is reached, no further entries will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The event has sold out on opening day for the last few years.

How will I know if my entry has been accepted?

When you enter online you will receive an email confirmation immediately. Please keep this email as confirmation of your entry.

What happens if I lose my entry confirmation email?

Please email us at info@runvan.org before February. Provide your first and last name and your postal code, and we will forward a copy of your confirmation to the email address that you used when you registered online.

What do I do if information on my entry is wrong?

Any problems, please email us at info@runvan.org with the correct information.

How will I know if the race is full?

Once we reach our entry limit a notice will be posted on this website and through our social media channels. You will no longer be able to enter online.

Can I mail-in, fax or drop off my entry in person?

No, we only accept entries online.

Is entering online secure?

Yes. The credit card transaction is encrypted and securely processed by a regular banking service.

What if I don’t have a credit card, or access to the Internet?

Please ask a friend to submit your entry for you.

Is there a wait list once the race is full?

No. We will not arrange exchanges.

Is there day of race registration?

No. There will be no day of race registrations accepted, regardless of whether the race is full or not.

Can I exchange my shirt for a different size?

We will offer a shirt exchange in the gym at the Roundhouse following the race. Shirt exchange will be open from 10:30 until 11am. Only clean, unworn race shirts will be accepted.

I entered but can no longer run in your race. Can I get a refund?

No. Race entry fees are non-refundable.

You can still collect your race shirt, at regular package pickup. If you do not pick up your shirt, or arrange for a friend to pick it up for you, then your shirt will be donated or resold with proceeds going to Variety – The Children’s Charity.

I entered but can no longer run in your race. Can someone run in my place?

Yes. Visit our Transfer page for details on how to transfer an entry. It is important that the entry be transferred officially so that our database is updated with the new runner’s information.

A person running in your place with a different gender or a different age group can lead to errors in the results. Moreover, in the event of an accident or medical condition, wrong information may have serious consequences.

Why is there a 3 hour time limit?

Primarily the “First Half” is a run, not a recreational walk, and 3 hours is a reasonable time in which one can expect runners to finish.

We must also be able to predict for our volunteers, the police, and medical support, when we expect the last participants to finish.

Is there an early start for walkers?

No. There is only one start at 8:30am. Please do not start before this time, as doing so can cause problems in the results.

I expect to take more than 3 hours to finish. Can I still enter the “First Half”?

No. Please do not.

I plan to power walk. Can I still enter the “First Half”?

As long as you expect to finish in under 3 hours, yes.

Can you recommend somewhere to stay, close to the Roundhouse Community Centre?

Yes, there are a number of hotels in the area, within walking distance of the Start and Finish Line.

What is a Turkey or Bandit?

People who run the race without a race number and without paying the entry fee are known as Turkeys! Please don’t do this, whether the race is full or not. It jeopardizes our permit with the City of Vancouver, jeopardizes smooth results for all other runners, and contributes nothing to Variety – The Children’s Charity. Enjoy the race as a spectator and please enter early next year.

When do I receive my race number and shirt?

You must pickup your race kit, bib number, timing chip, and race shirt in person.
Please see the Race Kit Pickup Information on our Race Information page.

Race kits are not mailed out.

Can someone else pick up my race kit for me?

Yes. However, they must bring a copy of your entry confirmation email with them, and they will be asked to sign and leave their name and phone number. Once a race number and shirt is picked up it is up to you to get it from your friend.

Can I pickup race kits for a group of people?

Yes. From (2018 dates to be determined), you can register your group online. This ensures your group will be pre-packaged and ready for you when you arrive at Race Kit Pick Up, on Friday or Saturday only. Your group must be a minimum of 6 entries, to a maximum of 30. Please plan your group carefully, before registering.

Please note that if your entry is part of a group pick up, it is not eligible for transfer until after the entire group has been picked up.

Once the group has been created, the pick-up-person cannot be changed. Once registered, all members of the group will receive a confirmation email.

For smaller groups, each race kit must be picked up individually. Bring a copy of each entry confirmation email with you.

Can I pickup my race kit on race morning?

Yes, but if possible please pick it up on Friday or Saturday. On race morning race kit pickup is open from 6:30 to 8am only, and you must pickup your kit in person. No group pickups on race morning.

What happens if I forget or lose my race number or timing chip before race day?

Please come to the Coordinator Desk at registration on the morning of the race and a new one will be issued. You will need to provide ID and your previous number will be cancelled from the results. There is a $5 charge for a new bib/chip.

Can I take transit to your race?

Check with TransLink for transit schedules. The Canada Line Yaletown-Roundhouse Station is ideally located across Pacific Blvd from the Community Centre.

Where can I park on race day?

There are several above and below ground pay parking lots in the immediate area. There is limited on street parking. Please note there will be parking restrictions in effect on the following streets:

  • Pacific Blvd south side, eastbound lanes from Granville St to Abbott St.
  • Drake St, south of Pacific Blvd.
  • Granville St from Pacific Blvd to Beach Avenue.
  • Beach Ave south side from Granville St to the Aquatic Centre.

Is bag check secure?

We will take all care and no responsibility for any items left at bag check. Please do not leave any valuables, as while we aim for a secure area it is hectic on race morning.

Where are the washrooms on race day?

Washrooms will be clearly signed. They are available inside the Roundhouse Community Centre and there will be additional Port-a-Potties outside on Pacific Blvd and Drake Street, giving easy access to the Start Line. Line up early, as there is always a rush just before start time.

There are also public washrooms around the course.

Where does the race start relative to the Roundhouse Community Centre?

The race start is directly outside the Roundhouse on Pacific Boulevard.

Where should I position myself at the start?

Please line up at the start relative to where you think you might finish, to avoid obstructing others. Our start line is 3 traffic lanes wide, so even those starting at the back cross the start line quickly and can run unimpeded.

  • If you expect to finish in under 1:30, you should be in the first few rows.
  • If you expect to finish between 1:30 and 1:45, you should be 10 – 20 metres from the start line.
  • If you expect to finish between 1:45 and 2:00, you should be 30 – 40 metres from the start line.
  • If you expect to finish between 2:00 and 2:15, you should be 50 – 60 metres from the start line.
  • If you expect to finish between 2:15 and 3:00, you should be towards the back.

Please do not hang back once the race has started. The lead runners will return through the start area 7 or 8 minutes after the start, and we must clear the timing mats away before they do.

Where does the race finish relative to the Roundhouse Community Centre?

The race finish is on Drake Street, directly west of the Roundhouse Community Centre.

What happens once I cross the finish line?

Please listen to the instructions of the volunteers. Your finishing time will be recorded automatically as you pass the Finish Line

Once you cross the Finish Line, please keep moving. Do not stop immediately as it will prevent others from finishing behind you. Proceed through the finish corral and we will present you with your finisher’s medal.

Then proceed back to the Roundhouse where you will find food, drinks, entertainment and draw prizes.

If I need medical treatment, where will I find it?

St. John Ambulance will be stationed close to the finish, and will also have bicycle patrols on the course. In the event of an emergency, please contact the nearest volunteer who will direct you to a volunteer captain with a cell phone.

When and where will results be posted?

Unofficial Results will be posted on site at the Roundhouse as quickly as we are able. Official Results will be confirmed once a review is completed and a final set will be posted on this website.

If I’m not present for the presentations will I still receive my award?

The top three finishers in each 5-year age category win unique race medals and awards. We would really like you to be there so that we can recognize your achievement, but if you have to leave right away we will contact you later to make alternate arrangements.

What happens if there is adverse weather on race morning?

The race runs in all weather unless the conditions are too dangerous to proceed.  If in doubt, check this website or our information line 604 872 2928 on race morning – it will tell you if there are any changes of plans.

I want to volunteer my time to help with the event. What can I do?

We can always use more help at the start or finish, on course, at packet pickup or inside the Roundhouse. We cannot promise you a particular job, but your help will be greatly appreciated. Please complete the volunteer form and join in!

Where do the profits from the event go and how is it spent?

Proceeds of the race go to Variety – The Children’s Charity. These are direct profits from the event and through your generous donations. Donations have totalled over $700,000 to date. This money helps children in need in the local community.

Can I make an additional donation to Variety – The Children’s Charity?

Yes, during the race registration process you’ll be able to make an additional donation to our charity partier, Variety – The Children’s Charity. 

Still not answered your questions?

Please email us at info@runvan.org or phone: 604 872 2928